An appeal in light of the water crisis that Iraq is witnessing due to climate change and the lack of rainfall and the intervention of neighboring countries in Iraq by changing the course of the tributaries of the rivers on which the agricultural lands depend and irrigating animals from those tributaries, which led to an increase in desertification in Iraq and a decrease in the water level in it and pollution of the remaining water, which led To the destruction of agricultural crops and the death of large numbers of livestock, which led to the emigration of large numbers of farmers and the abandonment of their lands, which has the right to become a great human being independently of these people, which calls for these people to immigrate to the countries of Europe for a better life.

Therefore, our organization appeals to all donor countries, governmental and international organizations and Companies and businessmen to support our organization IGA in carrying out our humanitarian duty to create the appropriate conditions to support the drilling of artesian wells for villages and agricultural areas and the establishment of systems for evacuating potable water, watering agricultural lands and driving livestock. Your support for us restores life and stability to the region and confronts the humanitarian disaster

Appeal to the mother of an Iraqi child The girl

Appeal to the mother of an Iraqi child The girl, Essat Mustafa, who is one year and two months old, is lying in the children’s hospital in Ramadi in need of a liver transplant for her outside Iraq due to the lack of medical capabilities and the necessary treatments for the operation and beyond inside Iraq and they need to donate for the operation because her family is poor and they do not have The costs of the operation and travel We appeal in the name of humanity and childhood to save this child from death